Tree Plugin

What has to be the ugliest things is floating trees because people (usually noobs) are too lazy to cut the rest they cant reach. this straight forward plugin will allow players to break 1 block of a tree to tear down the whole tree (a little like cacti).

The 1 block you break takes a LOT longer to break, so it still takes the same amount of time to tear the tree down.

Plugin link for more details:

My main question: If someone builds with logs, will this plugin break homes easier?..

^ That would definitely be a main concern for me and a lot of other players D:

It doesn’t effect man placed wood i believe

Yeah, it only affects natural logs.

you do know this will take down the whole Log economy stuff… but i don’t mind

I’m usually opposed to any new pluggin, but this is quite a good idea!

I think this would be a great idea. I have seen tree plug ins before and they look awesome

make a vote with yes/no/not sure

I’m not opposed, seems like a handy plugin!

EDIT: Im convinced to vote no. Too many flaws.

Seems good to me, btw only SOPs can create polls in this section.

Added poll.

But we still get the wood that we don’t cut and the seeds/apples that drop from the leaves, right?
Also, what will be the consequences on short and long term of this plugin in the Log economy?

Yes, of course you get the rest of the logs/saplings from the tree. It shouldn’t have any affect on the log economysince breaking one log in a tree with 10 logs takes 10 times as long.

Why not … but only without auto-replant because sometimes, I chop (and other players may do the same) down trees only to get place for buildings

i agree its a great idea but no auto-replant. other than that it seams very usefull.

I’m concerned about the technical side. How does it detect what is a tree and what isn’t?

There isn’t really a way to detect if a tree is naturally spawned other than to store data for all blocks placed. If it does that then it’s going to store a hell of a lot of data which will lag the server.

If it’s simply looking for logs that have leaves attached to it then that’s going to cause problems with user-made creations.

Maybe it does have a good fool-proof way of detecting natural trees but unfortunately the plugin doesn’t explain these things in the description

Yeah, that sounds like a possible problem to me. And to those wondering about the economy, in my opinion, it will basically completely wreck the economy for wood, if that matters much to anyone. Chopping one block and getting the tree makes it MUCH easier to get wood, so why pay for it?

Voting unsure, but as the scales are tipping currently, that won’t do a whole lot.

I don’t see where you’re reading this?

My only thought about checking for man-made and natural logs is that it would cross examine LB, for the Coords that you are breaking, to decide if its a tree or not.

It literally just looks for wood with leaves ontop. Found that from this thread on the plugin’s forums about how to add modded trees, you need to specify the wood, leaves and saplings id. So if somebody were to walk into /warp Arbor with their axe, it would destroy the entire town.

Changed my vote to no.