Treasure Hunt III

(x) (y) (z)




Treasure to be found!


left the treasure again though :wink:

Still available!

Also found it dude, that first clue really got me for a bit then i figured it out, anywhoo I also didn’t take the prize, don’t need nor will I ever use it!

I could see a PCB Scooby-Do team forming…

Spllat and I found it!
But we left it and added to the prizes :smiley:

Yes, gottit! ;D
x = the Romulus and Remus story: -753
y = the Twelve Apostles: 12
z = Columbus comes to the Bahamas on a “fact finding mission”[[size=8pt]citation needed]: 1492

Congratulations @YoshiBoy13 ! Hope you enjoy your prize :wink: