Treasure Hunt II

(x) (y) (z)


In what year did she survive?




That has to be the most obscure clue in the history of obscure clues…

Ehehe, I don’t want it to be easy this time…

To be fair, you get two out of three coordinates, and it’s much easier to search for it.

You literally would have to follow the z line until you found it I feel bad for people who don’t have flying privileges

I did it :slight_smile:

You’re serious??? :smiley:

Tell us what the three coordinates are and what they represent! :slight_smile:

I wonder if there’s a plugin for something like this. It will load a chest full of valuables and randomly place it somewhere in the map (preferably above ground). Then when someone finds it, it resets in a different location.

With no clues on its location? Good luck finding that :smiley:

So Penguina found it, the clues were:

1978 - “I will survive” by Gloria Gaynor came out
28 - Number of countries in the European Union
1810 - This painting by Georges Rouget represents the wedding of Napoleon 1st and Marie-Louis of Austria, which took place in… guess it… 1810!

It’s just something that sits in the background. I guess it would be more like a random pleasant surprise than a competition.

Basically I’m one of the “unlucky time zone” people who doesn’t wake up until after someone has already found the treasure.

True, I’ll alternate between an early one and a late one from now on :slight_smile:

That will certainly help. 8)

Must be the most accurate search i’ve ever searched…


Got the other 2 though :slight_smile: