transferring accounts

hello PCB, I recently decided to transfer accounts. I bought this account a long time ago and used it as a way to have a second inventory but I finally grew old of my name chaz_the_spaz so the account I am moving to is called Nick_inc.
p.s. I am posting this so I wouldn’t confuse any one.

I thought several other people had owned that account O_o
For a time wasnt it being used by Quartz Bank?

Wait how exactly do you move accounts, or like whatever? The account I’m using is an account name that was given to me almost 5 years ago during minecraft classic times because another friend bought the account for me and I’ve been into consideration for getting a proper username change. Please share details maybe?

He has 2 accounts. He is just using his other one instead.

He moved all his locks and whatnot to the other account.

Aye - I was borrowing it.