Trainmaster88 Ban Appeal

Username: Trainmaster88
Date Of Ban: Can’t Remember
Banned By: Filipingus
Reason For Ban: X-ray
Reason to be Unbanned: I loved the Server and I loved the Staff, it is a good server and I have don’t use X-ray anymore. I understand if I am not unbanned because X-ray is not something I should have used. I just want to See all my friends on there and see the stuff I made and took time on. I understand now that X-ray is pretty serious and All in all I shouldn’t have used it in the first place. I got rid of X-ray and won’t use it again. I promise
Previous Bans: None

You will be unbanned in a week. Do anything against the rules upon being unbanned whatsoever it will be dealt with immediately, you’re on very thin ice.

Caught using hacks, cheats, or exploits or anything of that nature, I will make sure you are banned with at least a year before an unban is possible.