Trailer for Project city Build

After snooping around the site’s youtube channel, I realized that there is no trailer or promo for Project city build there. If one exists, please notify me. If one doesn’t, should we make one?

We are working on this (maybe?), but feel free to make one of your own! Advertisement videos are appreciated, just tell us if you want to make one and ask before you post it anywhere other than youtube or facebook :slight_smile:

It won’t be bad if its official at least from us :wink:

I am planning to do something… once I free up with school and everything going on right now. I have been planning to do one for a while now, in fact.

You know we could work on my maze movie. :wink: Just a suggestion. ::slight_smile: If we did an epic job on it, and just added the ip at the end and said a few words about the movie and server, and what to expect next. That could be a lot better than something like those trailers.

Anyone can make a trailer. I don’t see the problem as long as they put ‘Fan made’ in the title. That way people will know it’s not made by us so it might not be as good. Besides, our official trailer would go on our official channel.

I can’t make a trailer and I don’t expect you counting on me :P. I’m soo bad I can’t figure out with what do I put text or music to a video derp. and I have a question. Who is your chanel your oficial chanel admin on youtube and who can go in it?

I think a better idea is to record in-game footage of our server, and highlight key moments of amusement. Then put the server details in the description. Rather a trailer, make our server seem like a fun and hilarious place to be. Maybe at the end of the video put the details of the server.

I would go with what nek said, but then maybe towards the start have something like sips video, of the sun timelapse with shaders.

I’m also thinking with the youtube channel, there could be a second channel, ‘‘PCBCommunity’’. Anyone would be able to send videos, of (maybe) any game to be uploaded there? Me and Fatso have some ideas of a few things we want to record, but not sure yet.

Intros to videos usually deter people away. Nobody likes waiting 5-20 seconds of intro just to see what the video is about.

Oh no, I didn’t mean it as an intro. Perhaps have 2 different style videos, one with the awesome looking stuff with shaders, the other less serious with the random stuff.

I think one of the unique features of PCB is that we actually HAVE a website to help join the different servers. Yes, I have seen a few others, but none have quite the same friendly/homemade feel to them. Some seem to push the donate thing way too hard.

TLDR: I suggest adding some images of the website in as well. Perhaps some images that show our different versions of the site? Andy would have to ok that part.

I think having two would be nice. Like a spoof and an epic one. Text would probably be a good idea as long as it doesn’t have any cheesy lines or bad text animations and also if we have good music to go with it. I’d happy to compose unless someone finds a great song to use.

I honestly think that would be amazing. I think it should be for Trusted+, but to get videos out from people in our community would be fantastic.

I think if we want to do something where it shows off the website, then it would be great to kinda just have it start off where someone kinda just opens the browser, looks at the website, and notices an event that is going to start sometime soon. (since we DO plan on having mmore events when we go public) Zoom in on the event, maybe have them freek out a bit, then go to the server and do what ever would come after that. Maybe be able to fit in a few other things, idk. That is just probably one of the ways that i could imagine getting the website in without making it just randomly pop up out of nowhere in a few pictures.

For the in-game goof off trailer, I was thinking of an “epic” opening and just go into a blooper reel.

eg: People in skype chat, its quiet apart from one person doing an epic voice saying a cheesy line, then laughing, blooper reel of stuff going wrong basically. xD

is this trailer ever gonna come out? cant wait to see it if it does.

EDIT: Is the trailer ever gonna come out???