Tpa for Member

I think tpa for members would be a brilliant idea becuase when I ask staff for tp’s they usually get annoyed and refuse, the command should be: /tpa [name] To accept/deny the command is /tpaccept / /tpdeny

I hope you take my sugestion to consideration, Thanks.

This is meant to be Survival :\ I get why you want it but you can also live closer to ur buddy who keeps asking for
teleports because he is walking away or teleporting away. And I’m always denying it because ur buddy asks it 5 times in half an hour…

Horses tho. Just breed them and make the perfect horse, then you’ll look at petty tpa requests and say “bah, these ruffians” and ride off into the sunset. At least, that’s what it’s like for me.

I like this post.

Anyway, not a bad idea with tpa.

If you live close enough, just ride a horse. They are meant to be easier travel. i personally added a hitching post outside my barn for people to come to my house by horseback. Like Yomi said, if it is excessive requests they will be denied, this is Survival, afterall

Teleporting is a perk for trusted/donator ranked players. If you want to tp to anyone who is trusted or higher, you can use tpa already. Only trusted and donator ranked players have the permission to use the tpaccept/tpdeny command. So a member can ask to get teleported to a trusted player, but members cannot teleport between themselves.

No Spec, members can’t use /tpa. Only Trusted + can.

He means via chat, not command.

I’ve been out of the loop due to a lack of computer and I haven’t had time to get on just yet, but can Donators and Trusted no longer teleport to people at will and instead must ask to teleport? If so, I really like that idea.

What are the rules on teleporting members now? Are we still doing it for them if they request it or are we not allowing it at all due to the small size of the map and the fact they can set up multiple homes?

Basically, we have no obligation to, but if you want, you can.

But only if both the person being ported and the person being ported to agree.

No, donators and trusted have stayed the same. And Members can only set one home.

Well judging from Spec’s response, this suggestion just doesn’t add anything we don’t already do. With the exception of commands but eh.