/tp qjump?


What happened to /tp qjump? Whenever I try too use it, it never works.

It’s not /tp qjump it’s /tp jump

lol, vai, /tp qjump is still there BUT you have to use a compass, otherwise it doesnt work i use it ALOT, sip told me how to. ^.^ thanks sip!

Could you explain how to use it?

Sadly it doesn’t work for trusted, you have to me Mod+

actually it does i use it every day

Are you using /tp jump or /tp qjump

Trusted and Donators can use the TP function.

That’s weird because when I was trusted it never worked either. Most other tp commands did though.

I was under the impression that the compass tping was only for SOP and Admin. I guess I was wrong?

i guess so kyle ~ please dont take away my compass jump its extrememly usefull in keeping up to hard when we are searching for islands ~