Towny System

We’ve had the Towny town management system in place for around 2 weeks now as a trial and I feel that people should be able to provide an informed opinion about it. The question I pose to the communtity is, do we need it?

Personally, I feel that the one-town limitation is a real problem as the majority (if not all) players are unofficial residents in more than one town. The plot system in my opinion is flawed as you sell entire chunks instead of selected regions, and without selling plots you cannot tax players to keep up with the daily upkeep.

I know for a fact players have used it to create a lot of towns already so I’m hoping for some good discussion!

The idea is good, and there are some good features to it, but no. we don’t really need it.
Warps and a thread in the forums is enough really, as many people would not want to pay the taxes, or other fees to run a town.

We don’t need it. At one point I was helping to build 3 different towns. Creative Cove, Forsyth, and the village Fatso and Liam set up then gave up on. It would be impossible to do that with towny because I would have to keep switching towns which would become tedious and annoying.

Woah! haven’t given up on it!
But that reminds me, Andy, next time I see you on the server, could you set up a warp for it? Haven’t thought of what to call the warp yet though.

i do like the Towny addition to role playing and the economy, but i hate the doors Lock by Towny with a burning passion XD ops cant get through them! =[ its also annoying how you can only belong to one town at a time when in reality you should be able to get as many places as you can afford, its a good plug in but just doesn’t work the way it could =/

guys. If you want to build in one or more towns you CAN. thats if the towns are in a nation. im currently running the nation atm. its USCB. United states of citybuild. If your towns in that nation. You can build in every other town thats in the nation. get it?

I personally don’t like how it restricts doors. I mean, it’s not ESSENTIAL to the server. But the Nation does make it easier, as Hard explained^

I personally like the towny system but it does have some downfalls as others have mentioned. It makes it harder for people to get into towns and actually be able to build because you are unable to join/build in more than one towny but Nations do fix this problem as Hard explained.

The whole system is just a clusterfuck in my eyes. I’m not saying it’s not working out well because I have no idea if it is. I don’t know any Towny-related commands or how it works itself.

I thought we were fine without it but if it proves too complicated then I say get rid of it.

[Majority of this post can be disregarded as I have stayed out of the affairs of other players Towns so I know nothing of how Towny works.]

it was a little complex with the plotting and selling of said plots but I really enjoyed the towny system and would really like the reinstitution of a similar plugin. Something more streamlined would be great (if it exists) just something to keep track of residents and things like that