I’m not sure if this exists but is it possible to have a ranking system similar to the server richest people list that ranks town because personally I would love to know where my town stand on a scale with everyone else

Interesting suggestion, but what would we use to rank the towns? For example, the richest people list is based on who has the most money.

Most residents?

then noob towns which ugly houses etc can still be first… WE can put a system of a few judges who rank the towns every week or so and give prizes maybe?

Maybe we could make a weekly poll for cities you want to live in most… Some people might want to live in a certain town but can’t afford it

You have to afford to live somewhere? I would rather live alone than pay to rent.

If there was a way to associate player’s with the towns they live in, then the stats could auto-rank towns based on those residents being logged in.

But then we get problems with players having more than one house and being associated with several towns, or having to pick one town over others.

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Why not have them pick one? They can change it later. All that matters is that the town they claim is the one that is active.

I imagine that this town ranking would track activity rather than quality. If quality, then players don’t matter.

Or maybe an easier way is to simply run a monthly/weekly poll

I think the poll Idea is probably the best since one this deals with the problem of ugly towns a bit but it can also help judge where people want to live, where people are residents so we can see how our towns are doing overall.

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