Towns removed from Warp

I’ve removed certain towns from /warp due to various reasons.

Hilltop has been removed due to the lack of residents.

Woolsomethingorother has been removed due to boxed houses.

I removed another one but I forgot the name of it. It was some kind of town/castle mix. I removed it for lack of residents and lack of decoration buildings. Plus the entire place just looked like a mess. Looked like a castle warping into the remains of a trenched town.

ye, you prob removed our old town, free town, if you guys could reset the warp to our new town that we started from fresh, i think hard24get knows where it is, its close to CC that would be a great helpp :slight_smile:

Only if it follows the Town Creation rules set up.

That town/castle mix, do you know if it was Fortress? I agree with you about following the town creation rules for active towns, but I feel some exceptions should be made. Even towns with no residents have warps and they deserve them. The official towns of Spawn, Wakepoint, and Milton are examples. Yes, these are official towns, but I feel any town that looks impressive deserves a warp.

People can move in if they like a town. How else will they find em?

Thanks for thinking of it Kyle but nope it wasn’t Fortress, we actually have 6 residents too so its been an official city for quite some time, I think what Nek is thinking about is behind Fortress a ways and I would agree with him it shouldnt have a warp, but I also agree with your point about residents

The W key.

Aww, that’s mean Nek. Made me laugh though. I still think some exceptions should exist if the structure or town is impressive enough. It is one way for players to see the sights.

Well towns are known about by people talking about them not by people randomly walking. But yeah Nek I loled hard at that.

Well, considering before this people didn’t have much trouble getting residents for their town in the middle of nowhere without warps. I did some warping to each town removing warps that don’t belong and I came across a few towns I had never seen or heard of, yet they still had residents.

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