"Town" for sale

So you may know I’ve been working on a town for a while. I’ve decided that the building style of this town isn’t my strong point, I.e i’m terrible at it. So I’ve decided to put it up for sale. There are no residents, unfortunately.
It’s near /warp hanami, and I also have a gallery of images: http://imgur.com/a/1VFLj#0

I’m going to let it get bids for a while, although if you really want to buy it it costs 5k for it, or the equivalent in diamonds and stuff.
I hope this isn’t against any rules, if so I will remove/edit this post as soon as possible.
Current highest bid: None

5 Dollars. :wink:

I actually like what has been done so far.
Bid: 3000

I’ll buy it for 5k. Just need to sell my 5 beacons and I can pay it. ;D

Alright octo, hit me up whenever you are ready, and I’ll get it all sorted out for you.

Eff it. I’ll do 8k

Jesus christ Shad. Sorry octo, but shad has one upped ya there.
I’ll try to get on later.

As soon as my laptop charger gets in the mail, I’ll catch you in game and pay you

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