Tower of helpers

hey all i’m making a tower in flatgrass and i will need a bit of help to get it all done

Description of the tower it’s just like the ADV tower but only it’s not for ADV only it’s blue and very high please if you wish to help post on the topic and ill let you help there is only 6 levels that you are allowed to have but i can make it higher with more help

sure =], im down for helping ^^, when the server is back on that is XD

cool i have the hight set and just need more peeps to help

also NO ONE that is helping is allowed to work unless they are fully trusted

I’ll help.

Im up for helping :smiley:

cool so thats three

YAY sign me upp on the list four helping!! :smiley:

haha! Sign me up my good man 8)

This was 2011. On classic.

I have to do something to keep myself sane while the server’s down…