I know most who see this will likely have no idea what Touhou is, but I wanted to share a MC server that hosts nothing but Touhou. The most incredible thing to me, is that the terrain was not generated… They made the world as a replica of the Touhou games. Just LOOK at the hidden underground library and Makai. Good lord!

【Touhou Minecraft】 ~ Touhou Gensokyo [ Unfinished ] Outdated 2/4

The video is from the classic days, so it is quite outdated, but much of Gensokyo is there. I especially like how the poster listed the names of each location with time markers. I think it could be an example of how we can show off our server.

The pics include a “small” sample of the named characters, and a parody of DOTA someone made.

I know this seems like advertising for another server, but it is primarily a fan based crowd. It should not steal our players, it’s just cool to see. They never promote people there!! I’ve been around since the classic days, and they hardly know me.


You know what? I’m gonna use this thread as a Touhou general thread. I will post more as time goes on. For now, I realized that there is a video that shows off Gensokyo a bit better than what I already wrote.

【Touhou Anime】幻想万華鏡 ~The Memories of Phantasm~【東方】

I absolutely love this fan made project. I figure I can use it to explain a few things.

That shrine you see is that is decrepit? That is the Hakurei shrine. In the real world, it looks like that, but past the great barrier, is is the one in Gensokyo.The first woman shown is Hakurei Reimu. She is a human who guards the shrine you see. She is mostly in charge of keeping the peace between demons and humans in Gensokyo.

Next up are the fairies. These are spirits of nature, thus they cannot stay dead if killed. Cirno, the one with ice wings is especially popular. Then… Everyone shows up. The reporter girl with the camera, her currently drunk assistant, the inventor in the bottom left, and several weak demons.

The 3 playing music are the Prismriver sisters. They are poltergeists who played music for their real sister before she died.

The one with the dolls is Alice Margatroid. She is a witch who uses these “living” dolls in combat. Her magic is channeled thru them.

Next is the small oni, Suika Ibuki. That gourd of hers never runs out of booze. She claims to be the last of her kind, but few believe she is a real oni. She can make herself huge though.

Ah, the gap demon, Yukari Yakumo. The single most powerful youkai I am aware of. He power is unique. It is called “Manipulation of boundaries”. What this means is that she can traverse space by entering a gap she makes, and appearing anywhere else. She likely helped form the great barrier thousands of years ago. She also can manipulate the metaphysical. This means the boarder between illusion and reality, life and death, etc. Her power holds few bounds.

Next up! The vampire sisters and their maid. It’s the cast of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. I’m gonna skip them for now.

The woman with the sword is Youmu Konpaku. She guards her mistress in the land of the dead. She is half-human, half-ghost. The mistress is Yuyuko Saigyouji, a full ghost. You might call her death itself. Her ability? Invoke death… yes, she can kill anything that lives. She may be more powerful than the gap demon.

Next is the “Ordinary Magician”, Marisa Kirisame. A main character in most of the games. She is human with a penchant for stealing from people, and has powerful magic.

Too many! The scenes after are battles in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Oh, that maid? She can stop time at will.

More later! Clearly, I am a massive fan.

in touhou. the bullets shoot bullets that shoot bullets.

That sounds about right hard. One aspect of the games I find to be very different than most top-down shooters is that you actually TRY to touch the bullets heading for you. That is, you graze them for more points. Given how insanely difficult the game is, you won’t be able to avoid them anyway.

Just found an English version of this famous video. Thank you Christina Vee.

【MAD】 Touhou Project - Bad Apple!! 【Cristina Vee English Version】 [Retimed] [720p HD]

Bad apple!!<3. I like un owen was her

More Touhou time!

This time, I want to share a manga I found, but it needs some background knowledge first.

The 7th Touhou Game - Perfect Cherry Blossom. Basic plot:
As the month turns to May, winter has lasted far longer than normal in Gensokyo, and the denizens begin to suspect foul play. As Reimu, Marisa or the new arrival Sakuya Izayoi, the player embarks on a search for those who are working to prevent spring’s coming.

More detail:
It turns out that the ghost woman, Yuyuko (the one who can cause death) discovered that the massive sacred tree she lives near has a corpse sealed inside it. She remembers very little from her life 1000 years ago, but one memory she has is that of a friend and that tree. She believes that she can release her friend by breaking the seal on the tree. To break the seal, she is stealing spring and giving it to the tree and the land of the dead.

What she does not know, is that it is HER corpse inside the tree. Not only that, but she is not aware of what will happen if the tree ever blossoms. That tree, is an ancient demon tree with great power over death. If it blossoms, every flower pedal will mean the death of a human. We are talking millions of people.

The manga I share now, tells the story of Yuyuko when she was alive. I challenge you to not cry when reading it! Good luck.

I may as well add two more that the same guy made. Both are quite funny.
The first tells a “what if” story about the poor priestess going berserk. The other is about the local paparazzi girl. Boy, what she will do for a story.

Took a while to upload those two. Please read em!

Well guys, found something today that I thought was kinda cool.

[MMD Cup 8] 東方 The Movie ~迷いの竹林を突破せよ~ [Touhou]

Touhou the Movie ~The Bamboo Forest of the Lost Breakthrough

I have no idea what the incident is, but Marisa (The ordinary magician) is accused of being the culprit of some incident by Reimu (The shrine maiden). Usually these two are friends, but fights like this are pretty common in Gensokyo.

It seems like Reimu enlists the help of the gap demon Yukari. Thats why she starts opening gaps and redirects Marisa’s beams. A bit Overpowerd combo? Marisa calls on Alice… from under her hat… I have no idea how that really worked, but my guess is Alice enchanted her doll to summon her.
P.S. There seems to be a possible romance square with 3 women interested in Marisa. Hint, two of them are in this video.

If you like this one at all, I have 3 more like it.
-Marisa Vs the vampire sister Flandre Scarlet
-Reimu vs Utsuho (A woman with the power of the Sun, AKA nuclear fusion woman)
-Reimu vs several with Utsuho as boss

The MC server admin, italktowalls, finally updated his video. BEHOLD its 1.1 glory.

【Touhou Minecraft】 ~ Touhou Gensokyo [ Unfinished ] Newest 3/4

I am pretty sure all of the music is from Touhou. I really like it as well. They are all remixes and altered versions than the ones I know. A neat thing I noticed him do was that the music was certain character’s theme songs when it got to their place.

The scarlet devil mansion played UN OWEN was her, as Hard mentioned.

Wow, just WOW

Been a while, but I found a new video that impressed the hell out of me. It reinforces the idea that Reimu is a BITCH. Chirno always claims to be the STRONGEST, but clearly is not. She is so dumb, that the number 9 now means “idiot” for most fans(It’s a long running joke from the creator). This video shows her being AWESOME.

This video actually has a story if anyone actually watches the whole thing. There is no dialogue, so you don’t need to speak Japanese to enjoy it.

Reasons Reimu is a BITCH:
She attacks Cirno’s friend for no reason other than to get her to fight.
She later uses that unconscious friend as a shield.

Cirno stops a shot from her. It took most of what she had to do it, and she still lost an arm to do it. Then, she looks up at Reimu, and she is clapping, while 2 more of those shots are just waiting… Oh, and then while she is trying to block those two shots, Reimu activates some spikes she shot through her wings earlier. Then, when she is down, unconscious, with her friend sitting over her, she fires 5 spikes into her. 2, right though her head…