Totally not dead

 So um, Ive been kinda MIA these past couple weeks.. well the past month. I am sorry for my inactivity. So much has happened this past month that I needed time to think. I decided all my career paths officially this month, as well as mourned for a family member. I will be active again soon, but just now it isnt the right time to even think about minecraft. Right now Im trying to discover myself and figure out who i am and want to be. School and college stuff starting for me is kinda stressing me out so Im trying out new things and hobbies. Honestly I just need to get out of the house and get out of my shell. I know you all dont really give a shit about this long paragraph about my life but yea, im traveling, and doing things I have never thought i would ever do, like skiing and photography and such. I just need time for myself. I do indeed check in from time to time on minechat and patrol the forums, but not as much as on the computer. Right now Im just dealing with family and Ill try my best to come back to yall as soon as I can. Love you all, honestly. You guys made me feel better for myself and made me realize that internet friends are always better than IRL friends. I miss you all honestly and wish to come back soon. Love you all.


Awwww :smiley: Don’t worry, we’re just a click away! Best of wishes Javi for you and your future endeavors. :slight_smile:

Awwe! I’m so proud of you Javi bear chicken wang! You know that we can always talk to me if you need to. Do what’s good for you! We all support you!

good luck with the outside world~

remember to wear a jacket!



No worries dude, this place get’s pretty dead when school/uni is on-going. It’s only normal. We can’t expect every player to be on here religiously. :slight_smile: Go out and do you, PCB is a community, but that doesn’t mean you can’t venture out everyonce in a while. Your spot will still be here, and we won’t have forgotten about you. Please while you’re experiencing stuff, party at least once. I know, I shouldn’t influence you in doing such, but seriously, get that shit out of your system prior to it being too late. 'Cause when you start partying too late, you keep partying. Keep it cool, and take picture, we’d love to see them!

I know dem feels, bro.

Like Kurry said, you’ll always have a place here! People don’t get forgotten, sort stuff out and get on when you can. :slight_smile:
Life takes priority, finding yourself can be difficult, but worth it!

Honestly thank you all, it feels good that I have support and the love from you guys. Ily so much guys

we lessthanthree you too mexican-man!