[Topic Change] Ban Appeal

Dragon banned me for taking down the paintings I placed in me and Ckkuhls assains HQ that we built, now he says he can’t unban me… I’m fed up with this

Are you still banned?

As me and topgearwill finish riding the rail way from top’s fishing village to texas top asks since the old survival is gonna be deleted if they can take some things, i said No. They both went into Trevor’s house and i told them to return anything they took and to leave. Ani took some coal and cookies. I told him to put them back he put the coal back. then i tell him to put the cookies back, he then goes on to lie to me saying that ckk gave them to him. I know for a fact they werent his because i saw his inventory as he was taking and putting the items back. He leaves and goes to scap his stone brick room. I follow him to a dark wood fort witch wasnt finished. then he goes into a grinder room and goes through small things in chests. He leaves and goes to a building called Assasin’s HQ No guest allowed or somthing close to that. I gave him a chance from the cookies and coal as now he his taking pictures and other small things from this HQ.

Zesty, there was no sign saying stay out animangastar101 on me and Ckkuhls assain

And dragon, the grinder was mine

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This was afterwards zesty. He destroyed 3 signs on a brick building behind Trevor’s house one saying “ANIMA STAY OUT” and other people to, then you went inside and I told you to leave. Care to explain what you were doing?

I unbanned him to prove that it was his

If i remember correctly, Dragon, I and someother people (maybe) were on. I believe it was dragon who said “im gonna follow anima.” I did look at the chat and saw (more or less. General idea)
Trever: Anima. Get out.
Dragon: anima that sign said for you to stay out.
Anima: (something about a joke with signs?)

I Believe this was a couple days ago.