Topgearwill's Ban Appeal

Yes I did Abuse the parkour map, I understand that I have done wrong, I tried to make up for it but I guess it didn’t work, I’m willing to take a demotion or any conseqeunce you think is neccesary, please review -Topgearwill

Its is not my call, nor my parkour course, however, it WAS stated in the rules before warping to the parkour, to not Cheat, Fly, or use Fire Protection.

I will unban you top, but only after you give me a detailed reasoning on why you thought it was ok to do what you did.

I had not been very awake (Not origional but true) Also I was mad at Robin because I saw him do it once, I did realise that I screwed up after I had done it but I was too late, and now I know that I should’ve never done it in the first place,

I gave the money to hard as soon as I did it, because I teleported to someone who was at the end and just clicked the button

Thank you hard, it won’t happen again, I deleted the home after the incident