Hello all,
KingJohn and I are working on something that you cannot know at the moment. I’ll just say it involves Tanks, and 500x500 blocks [big]. But anyways, this will be the ‘‘official’’ update thread for the ongoing project. Oh, and if Amphitryon ever comes back he will be the only other one who knows. (He’ll just sorta know, he knows me and my projects well enough).

But yes this first update will contain information and what we are currently doing.
The first info: This will not be revealed until it is around 30% to 40% complete - meaning maybe one or even two months of work if I work nonstop for 3-4 hours a day with KingJohn. Another thing is 500x500 blocks is a lot of blocks and well… will be a lot of time. So expect an update about every day this week on how many blocks their is.
And, the reason it will take a week or maybe more is because we have to naturalize everything. So if I’m doing it on an ocean, I’d need to make a island going with it. And yes, guys, you will be seeing more of me in the future.
So update One:
The first blocks were laid down tonight. I’m hoping KingJohn and I will have completed a bit today.



Sure, hop on PCB (NOW, DO IT NOW AMPHI) and I’ll tell ya.

We have the first vehicle completed! It rests atop pavilion one.
We hope to have several vehicles and pavilions done by today. ALSO:
A little change in plans: It has been recently revealed by Wolfy9 and Jakoba (thanks guys I appreciate it), so asking them to keep it under wraps until next week - its actually going by faster than I thought it would.
So yes, I can reveal a little more now - (you can thank Wolfy and Jakoba in a good way)
It is simulated off a Russian armoured vehicles museum
There WILL be 400 [or more] vehicles
And the area is now 300x600 blocks.
The first vehicles is indeed Soviet.
So atm that’s as much info as you should need. Possibly another update today.
L8r all!

EDIT - New stuff!
I have built 4 light tanks, and their pavilions. Also a medium tank was ‘installed’ - at the second pavilion. More to come later!

UPDATE 4: The time is now expected to be 3 weeks till the First reveal - with a light and firework show coming from the main redstonerer from Wooly’s show - Vexnorz. Things are going much faster than expected - I already have about 1/25 of everything done - (in only 1 1/2 days) for the front. Yes, that means there will need to be 100/100 done. But if everything goes according to plan - the 3 weeks it is.
I have finished the first tank “playground” - on to the next one!
L8r all!

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