Top 10 most famous pcb members

Yes hello,
The rules are…
No more as 5 staff members (including classic operators)
Dont put yourself in your list
Dont say we re all good then you dont need to post
if you do not follow these rules, I say that your list is invalid :stuck_out_tongue:
Ok my top 10:
1.) Kyle8910
2.) _andy
3.) ferfer313
4.) fatso12321
5.) ka_52
6.) animagastar101
7.) losadewt
8.) imlegos
9.) busterlef
10.) gamergirl11

What is your definition of famous :P?

Ah lol well most known/populair

Ouch! I feel sad cries

5.) ka_52 <------- Edit


Ok now follow the rules

You get the time untill 20 october to make youself populair

since when are these members staff though? XD

They arent staff but i wasnt talking about staff members

:stuck_out_tongue: my b didn’t read the whole thing ::slight_smile:


Im pretty sure i was famous. IN the OLD days…

Top 10 Beta Staff

  1. _andy
  2. _specialk
  3. Sipjca
  4. ItalianChild
  5. Filipenis
  6. Hard24Get
  7. Gggeeee
  8. TheZestyLemon
  9. Liam599
  10. Ouhai_ruby

Basically the people that came on the most. (No order)

Invalid list!
@rule 1


I dont see the point of this


Im not staff. INVALID!

Screw you ka! I was on too! xD