Too many mods?

Someone told me earlier that there are too many mods applying, is that true? I was just wondering cuz someone said maybe i should apply for mod, i don’t really want to do it cuz i think maybe it’s too soon to ask for another upgrade cuz i just became trusted like 2 weeks ago at least. ???

We won’t say. Even if there was, if you truly deserved the position it wouldn’t be affected by that.

So if there where a ton of people applying right now my application would not be affected? Did you also mean that if i applied then it doesn’t matter if i got trusted rank just a few weeks ago?

No, it wouldn’t matter. As for just having gained trusted, it MIGHT influence it a little. Butprobablyonlyifsomeonementionsitorfinditaprobleminthefirstplace. Personal preferences, I guess.

Thanks for helping clear that up. :smiley: