Too Early?

Recently, as some members may know, I have been going through a dilemma about the mod appliance sheet and the fact that if I told age and/or name I would be leaving here for good. Luckily, with help from Kyle, I realized ways around this- just giving a relative age group and making an alias respectively. Delta then encouraged me to apply for mod immediately. Should I apply now, or do you guys think it’s a tad too soon for me to be applying?

I don’t even trust you :confused:

To be honest, I am unsure about what you are talking about in the majority of that…

His parents wont let him give out his name or age or anything else over the internet. Which makes me assume he’s probably vaio’s age or younger :stuck_out_tongue:

Nonetheless, Its your choice if you want to apply mooch. I can’t tell you what our decision would be anyway. Its against the rules :-\

WHAT PART OF “we aren’t accepting mods atm. that’s why the button doesn’t work” do people not understand?

I forgot that, Hard. So, now I guess this is just people under mod rank telling me opinions.

nonetheless, we still have people in line for staff I belive.

why cant anyone apply for mod right now?

What if you make a message saying that when you click the button

Because we have A LOT of staff as of right now.

oh :confused:

Plus the fact that it is a rarity for someone who is not trusted to gain the moderator rank.

What was that brodur? Mooch is trusted rank. I know what you mean, but it does not apply to mooch.

Since when are we not accepting mod applications? Sure, they are likely to be denied right now, but some people might really deserve it.

Mooch’s problem was due to his families over-caution about personal info online. The only thing I really wanted to know was age since aliases work just fine for us to identify you.

Lastly, I do think it is too early to apply since we aren’t in need of more staff at the moment.