Ton of weirdness in and around valandia EDIT: W/E Hack

So much stuff has happened that i would probably break the forums uploading it all so I put it on imgur.

The gallery:

First of all the town wall has been moved, that’s ok. Infact I like the new town wall. However there has been a mega eyesore worledit. This destroyed some of kurry’s netherbrick fence leading up to the portal room.

Secondly some stuff has happened in and around the farcoast TNT cannon. Possibly a rollback? A similar thing has happened to epic as well.

Not sure exactly what is going on here…

EDIT: Epic has posted about his as well but I have pictures.

Okay, It turns out this is more serious than i thought. Level 71 (foot pos) has been entirely replaced with dirt. I think another w/e hack has happened.

The fence in valandia is me, I removed a wall in order to expand the town. Valandia wasn’t hit.

Yeah I know about that now, I just assumed that was caused by the possible worledit by the new wall.
This thread is now about the large w/e misuse/hack that occurred in farcoast

Well one, I won’t worry too much over it, as I am currently looking over it, there doesn’t seem to be too much damage and it looks more like a “//replace grass” command but maybe its just a bug in the server. Only that 1 level was effected and I think it was only in farcoast. All known hackers should have been found and perma-banned so we don’t need to worry about a hacker still loose. We will investigate further to see what could have caused this and try to have that level fixed.