Issat… issat… issat the Windows XP screensaver?

Fourth of may, you be with…

I found it interesting that they loosely based Yoda’s sentence structure off of Japanese.

Woot woot star wars day!

THAT better not have been on the PCB server… THE unbearable lag that would cause… Just like @chenj16up 's old massive sheep farm that had every color in mass amounts that would nearly crash the server every time the chunk loads.

I’m pretty sure if that was on PCB there would have been tons of lagg and probs crash the server and there would be a crash thred :stuck_out_tongue:

The dark outline around the steak texture was removed a while back, so it’s not on the server.

Live long and prosp… GODDMAN IT I DONE GOOFED.

I wore a star wars shirt yesterday.
Also, is Revenge of the sixth a thing?

nope lego

Revenge of the Fifth, however is a thing.

This is true octo but it is also know as Cinco De Mayo. Mexico’s Independence Day ;D


Goddamn fractions.

Mexico’s Independence Day Is Actually On September 16th :slight_smile:

Why are we talking about Mexico Indepence on a STAR WARS TOPIC?!!! Jesus, you people
must restrain yourselves!

have you not ever heard of a segway if not we are the kings of it :wink: