Today marks 3 years.

Today marks exactly 3 years of me being apart of the server. Man have these years been a blast. I’ve met so many people and have made some great friends here. These past 3 years have been totally worth it and I’m so happy I used my time for playing on here. This day was the very first day I got minecraft and the only reason I found this server was because Brodur had given me the IP. I still remember that day, I was such a noob xD I had constantly asked about when my forums account would be activated, as back then the website was a little broken =p. I lived in a city called Forsythe in a tiny house that was “haunted”, I worked for a person who was named Velite, but you know him now as Metazealot. That was a fun day haha xD.

I’ve had some amazing times on here and I wouldn’t give them up ever. I’d never want to have spent any of my time that I’ve spent on here for anything else. I’m glad I could be apart of this server and I’m happy that I still am. =D

I really don’t know what else to say… XD Pip pip dee doodly doo?

I remember when I first found this community…GODDAMIT I’M OLD.

Omfg wait a second, now I feel like shit for not knowing Velite = Meta holyyyyyyy…(Sorry Meta but this is news to me) grats to you Sacred! Though I wont be around on my 3 year ani Im gonna get to making a corny post just like this haha. It’s kinda cool to think we’ve been part of this server for that long, I can’t think of any other communities I’m even that committed to irl o:

Three years, four months, and twenty two days.


in a few weeks itll be 3 years for me as well (althought i took a year off to focus on school) and in total ive clocked over two weeks total time spent on the survival server in this past year alone. this is the best server ive ever found and you guys are the best online cumunity ive ever been a part of.

Congrats Sacred! and long live the senior PCB members!

Sacred knows of this server because of a very long chain of events that started off when I was invited to play on a server known as KKRO. From there, another player invited me to a server known as the friendly. At the friendly, I met Brodur and subsequently invited him to Project City Build.

Still have no idea how crass got here though, he’s the 34th person to sign up on the forums. I’m 24th, and to put it in perspective Sacred is 921th.

Well its almost 2 years for me, as I registered on January 1st 2013, but I actually joined the server in September because my server closed, then I got a new server a few weeks later, went away from PCB. Then a while later I decided to come on here again, and actually registered. Anyways, congrats sacred! 8)

Lol, I feel ya sacred. It’s been great having been in this community for so long. Personally I’m not even sure how I found PCB… Back when I was borrowing the ‘Velite’ account, I think I just like googled minecraft servers and this was the first one I found. Stuck with it ever since; there’s something unique about PCB. To me, PCB is home. Its the sort of thing that I’ll never want to leave.

And its okay cherry I forgive you :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Looked at my original date, appears I’ve been here for 3 years and two months. Didn’t even realize it’d been so long.

Wow I feel weird now because after reading that post I counted how long I’ve been lurking around here 3 years 9 months :open_mouth: (if I counted right)

I was looking through Minecraft’s server browser and got lucky.

old af

Wow I was 30