To the Depths

Its that time again!

Darkkitty123 has found the stronghold! Congrats :slight_smile:

It is time to face the Ender Dragon! Making this post to let people know, if they wish to join in the battle will be at 18:00 GMT TOMORROW.

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PLEASE do not be an asshat and go into the end until everyone is ready at that time.

just saying we already found a Stronghold near Treetop, and have been to the end XD like the first day the new map was generated. last time i was in the End there were 50 Enderdragons and i believe Goof has made an Enderman killing machine.

just an FYI

Eh. Going in in a bit then. Nevermind

sorry about that mate =/ just be careful. i wasn’t jokeing about there being literally 50 Enderdragons in there for some weird ass reason

There were last time xD Actually, will still do the event tomorrow. fur deh lulz.

sounds great.

Ah yes Liam, the End has been discovered a while ago. Either way, kudos to you, DarkKitty, I would love to turn that stronghold into my base :smiley:

It seems nothing has been built in the end, so the plan is to reset the end map, and re-defeat the dragon tomorrow at the time in the first post :smiley:

Hmmm, i wonder how their’s so many dragons? coughsipcough


I have school tomorrow… Could we do this as an event on the weekend so more people can find out? And I really want to come and fight it ._.


Actually, goof is the only one with something there. We may want to reset it anyway. Farms are OP.

Yeah, I don’t really care. I got my $35,000 - mission accomplished.

Well, to bad i couldn’t make it to this event. Maybe next time.

Event hasn’t gone ahead yet. I’m really busy at the moment now, could someone else take over this for me?