To Strengthen the Economy

Currently on Hold

[details=“Spoiler”]To strengthen the Economy, the following changes have occurred
[size=12pt]Server Taxes:

[ul][li]6.25% Sales tax taken out of Chestshop sales[/li]
[li]10% Sales tax taken out of Adminshop sales[/li][/ul]
[size=12pt]Where do the taxes get taken out of?

[ul][li]Jack purchases a diamond from Fred, for $100. Jack pays $100, Fred would receive $93.75 for each diamond that he sells, and the server would get $6.25%. The reverse would happen if Jack sold a Diamond to Fred.[/li]
[li]Lets say that Fred wants to sell his diamonds quickly. Fred takes part of his shop’s stock to the admin shop. He sells them to the Admin shop for $100 a piece. However, since the Admin shops have a higher tax rate, he only receives $90 per every diamond that he sells.[/li][/ul]
[size=12pt]What are the taxes taken for?![size=8pt](That’s not fair!!!)

[ul][li]Restocking the Admin Shop’s stock, due to there being an account that holds funds for the server[/li][/ul]

[ul][li]Funding Server Events: In the past, events generated money, a ton of it. With a limited amount of funds for the events to give out, the events will not over-inflate the economy.[/li][/ul]
[size=12pt]But what about the diamond prices?[size=8pt](Those aren’t solved from this?!)

[ul][li]In the market, we will be re-introducing the Old Lottery System, with the buy in, timer and a random prize[/li]
[li]We are also going to create a lotto system, running alongside the money-based lotto, that accepts different dropped items(Such as Diamonds, emeralds, gold)[/li][/ul]
[size=12pt]What about this fabled Server Economy account?[size=8pt](What’s it all about?!)

[ul][li]I have created an account called PCB_Econ, strictly for this purpose[/li]
[li]It will start out with 2.5k in it’s holdings, with that rising with every made transaction[/li]
[li]Admin shop transactions also are done with this account’s balance(PURCHASE/SALES)[/li][/ul]
[size=12pt]How often will these so-called events happen?[size=8pt](How much will they give out?!)

[ul][li]The events will be held as often as they possibly can be, while keeping PCB_Econ’s balance above $2000.[/li]
[li]The cash prizes will be varied depending on how difficult the event was, and how much money the PCB_Econ account has in it’s balance at the start of the event.[/li][/ul]


While taxes, in real life are considered a bad thing, our Staff have decided that these changes will be a positive influence on the economy, as all of it will be going back to the community in the for of events, and giveaways.[/details]

Fair enough this solves the problem of the new people of the server getting $500.00 at the start and what not.

Well done :slight_smile: I totally agree with this policies to prevent the economy from inflate!

Good call on that John! In 5 years time… PCB Stock Market! XD

Ughhh complication

lel I have a minor in econ.

Not clear how this “strengthens” the economy all it does fund server events regardless if one actually participates in them. As a non-survival player doesn’t impact me either way but the wording is a bit strange.

Most survival players participate in events, believe it or not.

Will there be a calendar for the events?

Hopefully, however, the frequency of the events will be dependent upon the amount of money the PCB_Econ account is holding at one time.

Ok, that make sense. I just thought a general schedule would be better than winging it I guess it doesn’t have to be set in stone. You guys could change it on a whim but just having an idea of what is happening would have been nice.

Does this take money from voting too? :frowning:

no @legotrooper123

Why doesn’t the server account have infinite money? ??? That would make things a lot less complicated. But, who am I to say?

Because if the server account had infinite money, then every other player could potentially have infinite money and this way we aren’t just creating money out of nothing. That and you guys have a choice to either gain more money or have more events. It’s up to you the player base to choose which you would rather.

how fun the economy is making more and more sense everyday :slight_smile:

Do you think in the admin shop you could create a donations sign or something of that sort? (what I am asking is a way to donate money)

Now money should be flowing a bit more and people cant horde there money like some people did last map. I am excited for this change it should be really beneficial. Thanks John, you are to smart do you think you could be a little dumber it makes the rest of us look bad :wink: Keep up the good work!

Jedi, that’s…actually a pretty good question.

I believe sending money to PCB_Econ should work as your “donations”, though. Correct me if I’m wrong, anyone.

Yeah that should work Zak since it is a minecraft account setup with the server.


why dont we just get rid of the economy and pay people in hugs