To hot to go online

Here in the netherlands is it to hot to go online i can stay at the forums but not on pc because if i turn on pc it shuts down its just too hot :’(

I thought you misspelled a word xD lol

How hot?

What do u mean temperature?

[sarcasm]spicy hot xD[/sarcasm]

Well it hit 30 degrees Celsius here in the UK. It was hotter than Hawaii and California yesterday. I believe Mainland Europe was worse. I think it hit 42 degrees Celsius in parts of France.

Here it was 36 degrees celsius

About 40 Celsius here.

God damn celcius…
Its about 297 Kelvins here

Roughly 287K here.

well you guise are all fucktards using Kelvin XD

it was MAYBE 85 degrees farenheit here today

What the hell is a Kelvin? I know about Fahrenheit, but Kelvins sound stupid.

^^ same for me

Kelvin is easy. I’ll add info to this later.

Yea kelvin isn’t bad. Its Celsius + 273 to get Kelvin.

Ok, explanation of why that is^

Basically, temperature is the measure of heat energy right? Absolute zero in C is -273, which means no heat energy at all. Kelvin has the same increments of Celsius, but starts at 0. i.e. Absolute zero in K is 0. 0C = 273K
Might not be the best explanation, but you get the general idea. Because Chemistry.

Well, in my chemistry class we discussed/used kelvin for gasses. Because at 0K nothing moves, particles don’t move(Hence no heat), all sorts of crazy shit yo. And, in Einsteins theory of relativity, if there is no heat (0k), time itself would theoretically come to a stop.

Yeah I used Kelvin in chemistry, hardly in physics. Because particles. And Enthalpy.

Yeah… my thoughts exactly… yeah…

Here its 75 degrees farinhite or I guess uh 14 degrees celceus but west on the west coast there’s huge wild fires cause its so hot

Whoops sorry bad grammer