TNT mining tutorial

welcome by the tnt mining lessons

first the rules:
rule 1:never abuse tnt

rule 2:clear the surounding and say fire in the hole

rule 3:always use a 3x3 wall for safe mining,especially for hallways, be sure it is all stone

rule 4: never ever bundle tnt at once 2 blocks okay but not 4 tnt blocks at same time

rule 4:mine deep under surface if u smart do on diamond level

okay this are the rules now instructions

safe mining by a 3 x 3 wall make in the middle a 2 deep hole

1 block of tnt at the back and infront place (torch,button,lever) if u smart u do torch easy to take out

before u lit warn people in your surounding

when its lit smash the torch and pick it up 75% u get it back ,when u have the torch RUN for your safety much people died

this was the tnt tutorial i hope u enjoy your blast and buy your tnt at specials tnt shop in market XD

Whubilly10’s TNT Mining Tutorial,

  1. Place somt TNTizzle in the mountnizzle for shizzle,

  2. Blowizzle up the TNTizzle using the Flintizzle and Steelizzle,

  3. Get the hell outta there before the heat arrives.

Isn’t this really inefficient as not all blocks broken are dropped? Meaning, you blow up some diamonds - only get one or 2 of them.

I like whu’s method.

diamond ore just hold stand by the blast by a 3x3 wall but not if u place tnt next to ore

believe me i am pro in this

I did not understand this.

Your method works Chris because you stole it from Ethoslab

Im sorry…this article is compjetly confusing…and why was it posted?

How to mine with TNT!

Step 1: Buy as much TNT as possible! It doesn’t matter if you go broke because TNT is AWESOME.
Step 2: Go to any random city.
Step 3: Rig all the pressure plates like a motherfucker.


who is that for god sake? whu?

A very famous Minecraft player on YouTube

I never knew it was on youtube, I just always assumed it was common knowledge TNT made 3x3 holes in stone, been like that since the glory days(Alpha).

This is Shadow’s Method:

[Wooden Axe]

[//replace tnt]
[over 9000 blocks were changed]
[Shoots fire Arrow]

Sounds like you’ve been hanging with spec too much.

honestly, yeah

can you blame him for it

Pfft. Spec would just load up an MCEdited world made entirely of TNT.

I did that by hand on the xbox version, froze my xbox.

i never going to make a tutorial again for god sake

And why are you offended, Chris?