TimelordRock246 - 18th of February, 2015


Minecraft Username TimelordRock246

[b]Date of Ban[/b] 18th of February, 2015
[b]Server[/b] Survival/Creative
[b]Banned by[/b] No idea, it doesn\'t say EDIT: TheJoshua79
[b]Reason for Ban[/b] Lava Grief
[b]Reason to be Unbanned[/b] Where and when was this. OK, so maybe I may have accidentally griefed Spllat's hut before but lava grief? I wouldn't do such a thing. I would like details of the event please. Thank you very much. And sorry.

[ Ban History ] [b]1[/b] other ban appeals found
14th]http://projectcitybuild.com/forums/index.php?topic=9691'>14th[/url] of February, 2015

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it was TheJosh79 who banned you

And I would like to see pics.
Thank you for the info I will edit.

Some people cannot read. It says in big red text “DO NOT EDIT” (Note: Could we make it so non-staff can’t edit their posts?)

His previous ban appeal

What does “do not edit” on the ban appeal mean?

Le Sigh…

I dont like red stuff and I am very stressed and I asked for pics not
getting off track thank you

… Time why did you have to edit it, can someone please try to fix it, we even gave you a do not edit sign.

Thanks octo

Ok so about the ban. I found a build in your city time that someone else had built covered in lava, when i went to check it out you had placed the lava. After consulting with some other staff we decided to ban you due to the fact that even though it was your city you can place lava on other peoples builds. If this is wrong and those people gave you permission to destroy it you should not pour lava on it. There is no point. Care to explain why you did this?

Also why do you need pics?

put [ html] [ /html] tags around it. kinda fixed it.

Oh I know what you mean. We were doing a quick build and I thought
that wool would burn but it didnt and I tried to fix it but it failed so I made it a monument
I know what you mean. I tohught it would be the quickest way to fix it and I know the person personally
and I sorted it out with them.

Ok time, you have been on this server for a while so surely you must have must have know firespread was turned off along with fire damage. The lava obviously wasn’t removing the wool so why you left it there baffles me. I will let you off this time but in future never use lava to remove things, it looks ugly and does nothing. I want to learn from this. Unbanning, locked. If any staff would like to add their input feel free.