Timed out issue.

So, for last 1-2 weeks when I try to log on to PCB, it just ‘times out’ at certain points. This happens repeatedly and is quite annoying. I can still connect, but it randomly switches. @_JackOfAllTrades mentioned this in his ban appeal.
His internet may be awful, but mine is top tier. Only 1 out of every 72 Somalians has internet this fast and only 11 of 9 Norwegians does.
Anyways, it’s gotta be server sided.
Like Jack, I can connect to other servers just fine. I have logged out of the game, redownloaded MC, cleared my cache. Deleted optifine. Nothing changes the end result.

I cannot connect right now because of the same issue. @_andy?

Can not connect rn either D:

I can’t too, what is happening?

Very Large Crash it seems *Server Offline

This problem is a known issue and we’re working on fixing it.

Unlike what’s been happening to jackofalltrades, this does not happen all of the time.

This has never happened to me before now.

It should be up again.

Sorry for the stability issues folks. We’re currently investigating it

Tis happening again

Yes, tis. Its how classy-not-so-classy Brits of the 1800s said ‘its’ in cliche American TV shows. Tis.