Time To Start Killing

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Upadate: Plugin will be disabled on next server restart.

Does someone owe you money? Had an argument? Don’t like the house they built on your land? Place a bounty on their head and watch them run from everyone else!

Bounties can now be placed on players using the /bounty command. Each new bounty placed will last for 48 hours in which any player on the server can try and kill the target.

To see a list of available bounties - /bounty list
To accept a bounty - /bounty accept
To abandon an accepted bounty - /bounty abandon
To view current accepted bounties - /bounty list
To place a bounty (note the reward you place will come from your account) - /bounty new
To cancel a bounty placed - /bounty cancel
To find the location of a bounty (100 block accuracy) - /bounty locate

Things to note:

  • 10% of the bounty placed is taken as a fee. So if you place a $100 bounty, the player who kills the target will get $90
  • There is a 5% fee to accept a contract. So for a $100 reward, it will cost you $5 to start hunting the player
  • If there is a bounty placed on you and you are killed, you will lose 5% of the value of the reward. So if a $100 bounty is placed on your head and you are killed, you lose $5
  • A bounty hunter has 48 hours to complete a contract
  • If the bounty is cancelled, you do not get your 10% fee back. This is split between the people who were currently hunting at that time

Happy hunting!


So… does this mean I could set up a small assassin group, then people could pay us direct to avoid the tax, giving us business. A private hitman type thing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Eugh, really? shouldnt u be allowed to opt in or out :confused: some players will hate this

This could become trouble if people start camping!
Other than that love the idea!

I assume once the person is killed, the bounty is lifted, so spawn camping wont be a problem.

do you guys not understand… :L normal players will get targeted by knobs messing around and they’ll get annoyed and leave… its not the best plan to make anybody eligible, at least let them accept the bounty or not :confused:

A few ideas:

Everyone is automatically included. They can opt out for free, but if they want to opt back in it will cost them a large fee. When they opt out, they will be warned of this and will have to type something like /yes to confirm. Also, would it be possible to inform people if they have a bounty on them, and who is after them?

And red, if people abuse it like that, they will be demoted/banned.

Maybe have a higher initial investment so it makes people less likely to put bounties on everyone they feel like.

Nice! But on the lines of people spamming bounties, maybe you can only place one bounty out at a time, so for example I couldn’t just throw bounties onto everyone that’s online.
Also, maybe make a minimum reward of $100 so that it can’t be abused so easily.

Maybe even higher. I really don’t feel like dying so the higher the better!

If we could add literally anything, a pop up of their coordinates on a command would be good. Such as, /bounty coords. That way its actually reasonable to do the bounty without tp.

It’s like working for a gang, a cartel, or the mob, only it’s in MINECRAFT!

Looks like the Hylian Knights could do a security group thing. so the assasains are trying to kill the person with the bounty, my group is the defenders?

let the blood bath begin

That sounds good shadow. Have a little assassain group where you go and ask for a bounty, and a body gaurd group where you can ask for protection. If the assassain kills its target, he gets the money and the body guard loses money, if the body guard kills the assassain, then the mission is off and can’t be called up again for a while, and he gets paid for protecting the person. :smiley:

Assassins will also be defenders, if hired. Also, if anyone within the assassins is killed, a bounty will be put on the attacker.

and if an assasain puts a bounty on a Hylian Knight or vice versa, there will be the possibility to start a faction war that Liam and i tried to make back in 1.8

i am loving this new system. >:D

To find a player you are hunting you can use /bounty locate and it will give you their location with a 100 block accuracy.

Please don’t TP to a player to kill them. If that happens I will put a 30 second cool down after teleporting before you can kill a player.

The current minimum bounty is $20. If this system becomes a problem for players it can be raised higher.

Some fun games can be played with this plugin. We’ll organise some in the weeks ahead.