Time To Catch The train... :)

Hey Guys… Its Me… Im Gonna Take A Break from PCB due to personal, psychological, and other reasons, i will miss you all, and as of now, jmvvana is incharge of Portland, goodbye everybody, :smiley:

I will be back one day

Ok, goodbye. Hope you come back soon. ;D

Until next time buddy

See you in a few days whbilbo ;D No but seriously, please don’t leave D:

I’ll miss you <3

All the best see you hopefully soon

Man whbilbo, we had so much fun together. From Riverside in Burnton, to Portland. It is really sad to see you go, but I get that everyone has a life outside PCB. But not everyone leaves PCB forever…

We will miss you buddy!

o god i remember that XD and thank you everyone, you all are why PCB is amazing

See you soon!

Bye bye! :slight_smile:


Hope to see you soon, Will. I’ll keep Portland in good shape until then. I wont do anything massive, but Ill continue with your current style.
Get better soon, Will.


see you, hope to see you soon :slight_smile:

Dear Will,

All of us will miss you! We had some laughs and some downs together and they will not be forgotten! I will miss you sooo much! It feels like just yesterday that we just met. Portland with be in great hands with Jmv. Take as much time as you need. All of us will sometimes need a break from PCB. Take a rest, watch some Netflix, and relax. We will hopefully see you soon! Cya. =<

~Claudia =D

Aww, thanks. I’m temporary mayor until Will returns. All functions will be similar, if not the same. All previous Portland Staff will keep their ranking. Any questions, ask me.


Many of us will miss you and I know I especially. You are one of the most awesome and amazing people i know on the server. I will always remember the time when you made a diseases spreed throughout Portland. That is one of my funniest and most memorable moments in PCB so far. Again I will miss you and hope to see you again soooonnnnn!  :)

Why are so many people (2) leaving? If there a connection? Are you brothers? Are you secret agents? I don’t know, but will still miss you. :’(


Take care of yourself

No we just so happen to be taking a break at the same time :slight_smile: Just a coincidence that’s all