Time stuff..

Hello .
Could u make somehow the server more online , or we have a diffrent time zone . Cuz i think fatso or someone else who keeps the server online is sleeping atm im writing this stuff -_- . And the problem is , when the server is on , i dont get much time to make stuff . All i did yesterday was made the ‘‘AWESOME SMILY OF EVERYTHING’’ ;D . Anyway , when i get in the server its alredy past bed time :[ .

So i was thinking if u could do something about this problem…

  • i want to make a video and put in youtube about this server xD

At the moment it only seems like me that either has the time or the know how to run the server (Liam599 tryed to run it but even with my help we couldnt figure out how to port his router correctly XD, very annoying belkin model)

If anyone is intrested in hosting the server from about 1am - 3pm London time then please post here and i will do everything i can to help you set it up =]

just to add, i dont know what time zone you are in, but at the current time its 5:18pm, which is a late time to put the server up (as ive been ill and in bed lately), the normal server time is from 3pm to 1am london time.

ive got 7:30:39 atm. So we dont have not that diffrent timzone only im 2hours faster xD .
u can see it here btw : http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=602
So cant u let the pc online , but the server online , downloada movie , watch the movie from ur bed in the pc ? xD or smthing like that :] . Atleast thats what i do .

i do leave the pc on all day most days XD, for about 10 hours or more, but lately i have been sleeping lots and the computer running keeps me up XD, so i turn it off before i go to bed, but your more then welcom to host the server if you wish? =]

well i could , but it would lag probably -_- but i could try , do u have skype ? XD

Then move the computer to a different room or something. Shouldn’t be too hard. I could probably host a server if I wanted, I have two comps with 4gb of ram and one comp with 1gb of ram which i use most.

Well fatso 1 am your time is about 7pm my time. London time zone correct? Well anyways, this may work out for two reasons. The first is that I gots a better computer. And two is that I live in KCK, and here in 2012 we’re gonna get a 1 gigabit fiber to home network througout town. So yeah. Oh and I leave for school here at 7:30 so there will be an hour 30 minute down time frame. And I have absolutely no clue how to run a server either. So help me.

Oh my computer ain’t the best either. So dayshade should probably the first choice here.

The only problem is that I have no idea what my router’s password is, and that if I reset it, I have no idea where the manual is either to reset it up.

Dayshade, I don’t think that would be a problem for long. All routers have a method to reset its settings to factory default. All it would take is to look up your router online for instructions on what to do.

There is only so much we can do to help from here since you would lose internet while doing that. Perhaps others can offer advice about that.

Yes, I know. I read about how to recover a forgotten router password, and it said to reset it, which I know how to do. Then it said to get the factory default password from the manual, and I don’t know where that is. xD