Well. I’m back. How do you feel today? I might just sit down and tell you how I feel… So remember yesterday’s post? Of course you will I posted it yesterday. I wanna talk about that. I didn’t make Tiger’s Funny Sayings for no reason. I wanted a laugh and somewhere to keep all my sayings from on the server and have somewhere so have everyone can see them. None of you liked that post. So what y’all did was post horrible things in the comments. How do you think that made me feel? Huh? How did that make me feel? Sad! Yes! It knocked my confidence to come back onto the server because I didn’t want to be teased about it I didn’t want to be a laughing stock. I didn’t want to be any of that! But. I still went onto the server and yes there was a mod that had seen my post! We talked and I did some thinking about what we said. I decided if none of you can take me as a person for being weird and on other occasions annoying. Then I won’t come on the server anymore. I mean Pcb has some weirdos but how you treated me really hurt my feelings, knocked my confidence and upset me. I’m sorry for trying to lighten the mood and I won’t do it again. I expected people to enjoy it but obviously not. Luv ya all (Well most) And byeeeeee

Look, no one meant to hurt your feelings but what you posted wasn’t funny and was immature at some parts. The comments posted were, as you stated just for a laugh. I wouldn’t say they were horrible to be honest, i think you may have taken them too personally. Now i don’t know if you are doing this for attention, but threatening to leave PCB won’t do jack shit for you. Our server has a large variety of different people and you are welcome to stay as long as you like, however if you break the rules and say weird things like “I stalk and rape little children” then you ain’t staying for long…

I mean whats funny about that, that sentence was downright unthoughtful, if i remember rightly you got reported for saying that and even threatened with a temp ban. Looking back at the report i see you replied with this:

Complete lie! You said you wouldn’t do it again and, oh, look you did. So if you wanna be unpleasent on the server then goodbye to you! So how it made you feel? Sad? Knocked your confidence? What about someone who may have gone through a childhood like the one you referred too? Personally, i haven’t experianced this, however i know people who do. If i had just joined this server and found you trying to make people laugh at things like that then i would be leaving as fast as i arrived! Especially if i had experianced something like that. I think you need to seriously think about things before you say them.

Sorry if this is harsh but i am entitled to my own opinion, if you don’t like what i have said, tough shit, i don’t like what you have said either…

Ok so I have considered what you have said and I will delete all posts as I was going to delete them but one of them won’t delete so I might need help with that. Thank you for helping me consider what I said and I understand now about what I said.