Tigerx112 - 4th of August, 2015


Minecraft Username Tigerx112

Date of Ban 4th of August, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by PrinceMark

Reason for Ban Grief

Reason to be Unbanned I haven’t actually griefed anyone or anything and my friend SweetieTheBear can confirm that. What happened the day of the ban has nothing to do with griefing

Here’s what happened: I just woke up and went on my computer to play on PCB where my friend SweetieTheBear was waiting for me. We had plans to make an arcade and I thought today would be a great day to build it. So we went and chose a spot to build it in and made the area flat. Once we made the area flat I started building a path out of andestite. At this moment in time Sweetie (That’s what I call SweetieTheBear) started building a giant tree. (Which is just trees grown on top of trees) and I joined in seeing as it was a bit of harmless fun. The two owners are friends of mine so I figured they wouldn’t mind. But then Sweetie who is from Australia needed to go to sleep. Which is good because I was about to go out roller skating with my Mum anyway. I was gone for the rest of the morning until 5:00 pm in England. When I logged back in I started to build the walls of the arcade out of pink and white wool. I started getting bored so I went and stood outside my house and went on YouTube to watch some videos. I went AFK. I was AFK for about 30 minutes until I decided to go back on PCB. I was banned… By PrinceMark. For grief? I messaged one of the owners, Carl_Plays over Skype. He sent me a picture of the arcade blown to bits… Someone griefed me. While I was AFK for 30 minutes and didn’t move at all. So no message in chat had said Tigerx112 is no longer AFK. People online at that point can confirm that piece of information same with Sweetie she can confirm I was with her all morning/ night until I logged out. I hope I get un banned thank you and goodbye

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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It was a huge fucking grief and the logs don’t lie, honey.

We never ban unless logblocks say so, save very few circumstances where a mistake is made. If your name’s on the broken blocks, which it very well might be, you are at fault.

Penny and I were both online to view the grief. The grief was a total fucking mess as Penny puts it, and I remember the both of us came up with logs associated with your account Tiger. Nice story, but the log block does not lie and regardless if you want to own up to your actions and lie to your friends you still edited griefed PixelGravity’s house all over and touching other peoples stuff without permission is a rule that was broken visibly besides the grief. He was the one who reported to us that he was griefed and when asked he said he didn’t know who you were

Can ask a question? Who had the fucking nerve to destroy Sweetie and mine’s arcade? Explain that please?

SweetieTheBear Griefed it. <3

Lying is an ugly personality trait, keep that in mind :wink:

I never destroyed the arcade I simply got bored and left it until tomorrow morning when I will have Sweetie to help me.

Lol sweetieTheBear griefed it, honey.

But why? :’(

Re-read my comment. Also your arcade was destroyed in the process of your rollback on the damage done to Pixel’s house. An area rollback of 500 blocks from Pixel’s house was performed in order to rollback any other potential grief you may have done in that area, which in the process destroyed your arcade because you made it within the 500 block range

So why was Sweetie banned for griefing?

I have several houses on the sever in different towns so I went to check on this house. I did my usually thing like check my mail box and fly through my house. When I got to my house the garage door had 4 blocks removed to get into. Then some more blocks broken in the ceiling. In the room above the ceiling the bed was missing as well as the floor, rugs and painting. These things were destroyed throughout my house on both the first and second floor. I didn’t know that time this happened because I wasn’t there when it happened. I said that I was griefed in chat and Prince and Penny came. As they said they both came to your name and banned you for Grief. I have never heard of you but my house interior and garage was still destroyed and it came to you. Unless the plugin is broken and magically said your name you griefed.

So… Some people have spoke to me and I have done some thinking…

I may have done something -2 things- that aren’t right I griefed in PixelGravity’s house then lied about it. I own up to what I did and I’m not proud of it. Just because loads of people do it doesn’t mean it’s right. If you give me a second chance then I promise I will change. I will be good, helpful and I won’t grief. Pixel I owe you an apology: I’m sorry I really am, what I did isn’t glamorous. I guess I was jealous. I picked a victim and that victim was you. I really like your house I really really do. I beg you to forgive me guys and give me time to change who I really am. But what I want explaining is why did Sweetie get banned for griefing?

I’m sorry guys for lieing… It was horrible. :frowning: We should just put it in the past now because the damage has been fixed and it’s all over and done. Thank you for reading that. And I thank the people who opened my eyes and made me face reality (You guys know who you are)

Also, this appeal in a nutshell:

Not saying it’s bad, but uncommon. I cannot pass a judgement here, myself, so it is up to Mark.

1 week temp ban if I catch you griefing again in the future there wont be any more second chances