TigerFury127's Ban Appeal

Minecraft Username: TigerFury127.

Date of Ban: July 11 around 9:00pm.

Banned by: It Did Not Say, So I Don’t Know.

Reason for Ban: Suspected alt of SwiggoThuNub - Appeal @pcmbmc.co.
Expires: Never

Reason to be Unbanned: I am not SwiggoThuNub (I Don’t Even Know Who That Is).

Previous appeals: I have not been banned previously.

You were banned by @Mannriah

You were banned by me under the suspicion of being an alt of @TheSwig (Swiggothenub).

Swiggo bragged to other players that he would get back onto PCB’s Minecraft server (circumventing/bypassing his ban). After doing several background checks, I determined that it was likely that you are in fact an alt of Swiggo. If this is the case I suggest you confess. We will be doing further checks and if we find that you are an alt and have been bypassing and then denied it, you will be permanently banned.

Can you provide an explanation as to why you and Swiggo, while having different IP addresses, would both be based in the same geographical location? When you joined the server, you proceeded to register and login, then headed to where Swiggo had previously been building. Your style of building is also suspiciously similar to that of Swiggo. You were also placing signs to communicate with another player rather than talking in chat or private message which is also suspicious. Can you give any explanation for this?

Any information you can give that might prove contrary to my current understanding would only benefit your case so I suggest you provide as much evidence as you can. Right now the information I have is pretty solid so i’m leaning towards leaving you banned.

well i dont know how to do private chat so i used signs. and i was invited over to all the places i built at. im sorry if i joined at a weird time but i can promise you that im not who ever swiggo is. (BTW i think you are able to ip ban). but all i can do is promise that im not him or her.

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, but i’ll be keeping a close eye on you for the foreseeable future.

Unbanned, locked.

How can i gain your full trust? How can i prove to the server that im not swiggo

Manning didn’t lock the post even though he said he did.