"Thunder's Office" My Shop

This is my new shop that includes a lounging area, rating system, and a wool shop for all the colors of wool you will ever need. If you have any suggestions leave it on the rating wall. Do /warp fairyville and follow the path to get there. Thank you for your time and for shopping at Thunder’s Office. TO the Office!

I like how my head is on the front. XD
<3 koalamama

Anyone else notice the floating sand and gravel?

That’s a cool shop, I will definitely swing by and shop around sometime! :smiley:

See those tripwire hooks? I think they have string connecting them thus keeping the sand and gravel up.

Those dont have anything to do with it i will remove them if you want, but there is something to that though. Keep that train of thought going, you’ll get it soon enough. (Or should i say “String” of thought?)

might be sticky pistons…?

Haha nice pun lol… There are other ways such as the lily pad glitch, but I was just pointing it out. Not my shop so do whatever :P.

Floating sand = hax

Jk Nice shop I’ll come around sometime!

I am working on a Pixel Art fairy right outside Fairyville Town Hall so yeah… Here is the original picture.

Awesome job btw! <3 the shop! and if you need any help with anything just ask and ill try my best to help ya out Thunder!

Here Is the Finished Pixel Art. BTW this is MY FIRST PIXEL ART EVER, and this is in survival…

This is the new sign when you Warp Fairyville.

Nice shop btw!! Will visit as soon as I can. And guys the sand and gravel is not floating it is on pieces of string ILLUSION!!! Haha :wink: