So during the wedding, Rob killed me. Luckily I got my stuff back. Later, I went to go get revenge, but he had full diamond and yeah… I died lol. I asked for the sword back, but he refused to give it to me. Not anything against him, and I don’t want to report him, but I just want the sword and the rest of the items back. Thanks.

I killed you at the event by accident due to someone constantly attacking me, I apologized after. I come back to my computer 30 minutes later (long after the wedding) to find myself on fire and randomly being attacked by you. You destroyed two pieces of armor I had on, and probably would have destroyed more if I didn’t come back. When you get me back my armor that you destroyed due to you constantly attacking me while I was AFK, then I’ll give your sword back.

I destroyed your armor? Didn’t know that o.o… Anyway you didn’t apologize… that’s a lie. What was your armor?

Also, if I did destroy it, then that must mean that it was low on durability which means it would have been destroyed soon after.

So how would that be fair? Almost broken armor for a full durability diamond sword? Also, you would be getting new armor and I would get the same sword. Seriously? Just give the sword back…

Since I apparently didn’t apologize, I’m sorry for killing you. It wasn’t normal diamond armor and would have lasted if I wasn’t violently attacked with a powerful sword. The two pieces of diamond armor you destroyed were from two different gauntlet events. They both had thorns 3, unbreaking 3, and protection 4.

Can an SOP just spawn it back in? I have no money to get that kind of armor. Sorry. R.I.P.