there is a new town in farcoast nation called UNBRO!

the town is called unbro its at the road from the farcoast base back to over the crossover than at the right path and over the bridge

u now at the begin of unbro the city mayors are
chrisjebuild: head mayor

we hope to see u soon @ unbro!

Ima check it out!

nations don’t have mayors but leaders/ presidents etc

yes yomi nation has leaders and citys/villages/towns has mayors u forgot

example close at home:
netherland got king and queen
the citys have mayors so i dont get u point :stuck_out_tongue:

a city/town/village is not a nation… a nation is like the UN, European Union etc >,>

i didnt say that!
“if u read read it good” XD

The Farcoastian Empire operates as a nation of a sort, with several towns included into it, including Farcoast itself, Menethil, Unbro, Flora, Beta, Tatooine, and others. The national government and provincial governments are seperate but linked entities.

and by NERC of course

Um… what?

Edit: Nevermind, found out what you were talking about…


Yomi, you misunderstood the title.

He’s saying that this is a new town, within the nation of farcoast, called Unbro.

I actually had to read your post 3 times before I worked out what you were on about…

had the same ouhai

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