Minecraft Username: thecrazylord2000

Date of Ban: 10-07-2019

Banned by: hywel

Reason for Ban: Reason: using autoclicker and not listening to staff.

Reason to be Unbanned: I didn’t use autoclicker, I used my double button mouse to build and destroy fast and I didn’t read all the rules so I broke one rule 2 times

Previous appeals: no

The double button mouse still has the same effect as an autoclicker and so still gives you an unfair advantage. We do not allow anything which gives players unfair advantages.

You weren’t listening to my instructions to stop using the mouse and I told you to read the rules many times before this incident.
I’m going to temp ban you for 1 week as I don’t believe you have any malicious intent but please read the rules and understand them before coming back on the server.

Temp ban - 1 week

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