the world WAS meant to end eh?

Hey PCB community, we all know how the world was meant to end in 2012 right? That got me thinking we should make a new map somewhere that has a zombie apocalypse on the map so it’s a lot like what people thought it was meant to be

Lol, funny idea, but I don’t think we can do that to the whole world.

Let’s see, The Nether would need to have a flood of ice blocks slowly fill all empty spaces and putting out the lava.
The END would need a flood as apparently Endermen die in water.
Creative would need a return of Hard’s famous World Edit mistake.
Survival would need volcanoes erupting spilling lava and darkening the skies.
Classic… server crash? Another swap to McStorm?

^this is awesome!


(Sorry hard, I had to :stuck_out_tongue: )


To be fair, I once erased Treetop by accident… Did a cut command while the markers were not where I thought they were. A simple undo fixed it, but still…

We could make another zombie run map for classic.