The Wedding of RGA1215 and AveryLynn1 is Today!

Today is the big day guys! Me and Avery are very excited for this moment, and we hope to see you all there! The wedding is at 1:45 PM Central Time! Here is a clock to keep track!

Please stop making constant topics about the wedding 1 is enough to reply to Not make 4-5 topics about it!

It’s 3 topics, I am making sure everyone knows the right date considering my own wife got it mixed up yesterday. I will handle it in my own way.

Well, Avery didn’t even show up so here’s how the wedding went.

The wedding is over, due to too many people being idiotic. I think I will also be taking a brake for a while…

it would’ve been better behaved in survival.

sorry about the ceremony going bad… :frowning:

Hey dude sorry to hear that gl and come back soon 8)