The United Federation Of Portland- *Its Time*

Yep! its finally happening, Portland is a nation! more info to come once i stop being lazy lol.

-x- Politics -x-
Prime Ministers: whbilbo jmvvana

-x- Military -x-
Missiles, Planes, Space Stuff.

anyways, yeah, The Former Province of lucite is now its own country, but we are non-hostile. only if needed. :smiley: but don’t worry!

-x- National Anthem -x- lol, to steam people, this may seem familiar

good day- whbilbo

Glory to Arstotzka.

I now have that fucking menu theme stuck in my head.


Yay!!! ;D

lol, had to find something

A succession from Lucite? Very interesting.

“REPHRASE” we are still part of lucite, i am still maintaining my status as minister of justice, but i have given the title