The Union

Updated 21MAY2013

The Union is a construct not unlike many previous government systems, such as the UN and the ICS. The Union is seeking to create a better, more efficient and flexible model than what has come before. The objective is to make the Union responsive to its member nations by promoting active policymaking and to make the Union sustainable by use of the flexible, constitution-outlined government model, in hopes that the Union will not collapse from the the fall of one of its constituent member-nations.


Existing Positions and Statistics:
Council Leader/Executive: Metazealot [Pending Resignation]
Foundation Leader: Yomigaere
Council Members: Metazealot, Yomigaere, Dragon_Slayer24

Member Nations /Representatives:
Farcoast: Metazealot
Steampunk: Yomigaere
Icetown: chaz_the_spaz
Middlebury: Ferrari5746
Valhalla: Dragon_Slayer24
Techina: Piehole
New Eden: Johnlh97


Primary Clause:
The Union is a constitutional representative government, bound by this document, which operates to facilitate cooperation between Minecraft towns or communities within PCB while maximizing benefit for its constituent players.

The Union consists of representatives from its member nations, or owners of towns, and potential secondary government staff pertinent to Union operations, if deemed necessary. Anyone may apply to become a representative of a body or an administrator in the Union, but they will only be admitted if they pass a majority council vote and agree to all terms included within this constitution. Once that is done, that individual will be a representative or member of the Union.

The Union’s primary government takes place in the Council, which has leader. If a 2/3 majority agree to replace the council leader, then the council leader will step down, and will be replaced by a new leader that the council will then vote into office. The Council Leader may also temporarily abdicate or permanently resign from the leadership position, and a new council leader will be voted in. If a majority of the member class agrees to replace a council member, then that council member will be replaced, and a new one will be selected by the remaining council from amongst the representatives.

Any major decisions made by the Union will be determined by vote of the Council. The council leader is given two votes, and the remaining council members have one vote. “Major decision” is defined as declaration of foreign policy towards other groups, group funding operations, or the amendment of this constitution. Other actions can be handled by the Council Leader directly. The Council Leader acts as the executive, and enacts policy of the Union, but the remaining council members can veto said policy or actions if the majority vote to do so.

Any disputes between Union member-nations may be submitted to the council for arbitration by council vote. Any propositions for resource funding may be put forward by Union members. The Union will attempt to create a central resource stockpile in order to facilitate projects and to assist PCB’s economic flow.


1st Amendment: Membership Clause:
The general requirements for Union Membership are, although flexible, that the town applying must have a warp, that the town has read and agreed to this constitution (and agree to follow all policy therein), and that the town submits only one representative to the Union (not two, even if the town is co-owned. The rep. for a town can be changed or alternated if so wished.) The representative must also be in good standing with the server: if a Union member or representative is banned, they will be removed from the Union and have to reapply. We are looking for generally active towns and players, although exceptions obviously exist, as well as responsible players. To apply to join the Union, message one (or all) of the council members so he or she can forward it to the rest of the council for voting on, or post on this thread. A detailed application is not required, but nor is it discouraged.

Existing Organizations of the Union:

The Foundation:
The Foundation is an organization, funded by the Union government, aimed at assisting new members in PCB. Anyone may contribute resources to the Foundation, but all operation of the Foundation, and its internal policy, will be managed by the Foundation Leader.

Existing Policy:

A representative of the Union will be removed from the Union and have to reapply if they are banned from the server.
All Union member-nations are required to display the Union flag in at least one location (Blue-White-Orange).
Union member-nations retain sovereignty, but will operate only under the Union, and not under any other coalitions.
Current limit of council size: 3
Current Military Status: Inactive
Current Objectives: Expand Foundation Infrastructure, Collect Supplies, expand Union policy
*Union HQ established east of Farcoast
*Union Supply Depot established in North Farcoast
*Membership policy being developed
*Foundation Facilities under construction in Steampunk

Existing Propositions:

Minimum wage for select jobs in Union Member nations: TBA (Awaiting Data Clarification)
[Will be dropped soon unless followed up on…]

Currently tracking applications:

Can I join?

Dragon_Slayer24, your application has been voted on and accepted.



Please refrain from posting uselessly.
Also, if applying to join the Union or submitting a propostion for council vote, I’d prefer to be PM’d, be on forum or on the server. I’ll then spread the request and a vote will be conducted as soon as possible.

I’m interested in joining . Think I could do a good deal in helping around the union.

IGN “BaileyDease”

What I’m saying is, this is almost exactly what ICS is, and ICS has NOT bee disbanded, the leader has been gone due to issues with his computer, and other things.

The ICS has never actually done anything in the first place.

*Stonehaven (BaileyDease) approved for Union Membership.
*Council Size Expanded to 3
*Dragon_Slayer24 selected for 3rd council position.

Okay Meta! I read it, sounds pretty cool and quite a bit better than ICS. I’ll take the flag down as soon as I’m on again. Good stuff.

Some policy updates recently made concerning membership; it may be beneficial for existing Union members to periodically review this page for main post updates, as all policy will be contained therein.

New Eden has been approved and has joined the Union.

Currently accepting donations to the Union’s collective resource stockpile, located in North Farcoast. If you can’t find it, just ask me; its across the north bridge and has a giant flag on top of it. Just throw items at the “donation chest”, and they will be magnetized in and organized later.

Also, facilities for the Foundation, a program aimed at assisting new players, are being built in Steampunk. To learn more about that, contact Yomigaere.

here comes another government… aguhhh

its not a government - its a group of towns that are trying to help each other…

You can only get membership to the Union if Your City has a warp

Someone get this going again.Chaos is erupting

How so?

People cant make decisions together countywise Easy. :-\

this is last map so it won’t be used anymore

If so, start a new topic. I’m locking this one as it seems to not apply anymore.