Kia Ora!
Wishing to inform you that Tsunami (the big wave) in /warp market has officially concluded building and is now selling a small variety of goods, expansions to the chest shops are underway, please visit us soon!

Now selling: Quartz, Sea Lanterns, Sponge, Wheat, Clay and Cobblestone
Coming soon: Woods, Dyes, Glass, Wool, Stone and Enchantments!

Anything you want, we can probably sell, or already have available, just ask!

ohh lala sounds fancy!!

BTW Holli. Co. Owned by me and cher sell slave-made clay :wink: Just thought id drop a lil advert of my own
Tsunami is much better than ours :smiley:


My shop is the shop that is in the corner. Its my shop and its an open shop. My shop sells many things a shop should sell so come shop shop shop

I think a simple “Come to my shop we sell awesome things” Is enough. Don’t say ‘shop’ a zillion times :wink:

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