The Trust

This topic is for discussion of members of “The Trust”, a conglomerate of minecraft businesses and corporations.

Current Members:
Velite (VS-Co.)
Ka_52 (KT Inc.)
Valocaraptor (VENCOR)
Filipenis (Publix)
SemiLaxBeazt (Armor Inc.)
Sacreddeathflame (Obsidian Co.)

I would like to propose that future developments of stores in individual towns be Strip Malls of back-to-back stores owned by the Trust if possible. Yays or Nays? Propositions?

To regulate and control prices on many different things, so that people can pay much less than Spawn Market and we still make a profit.

Yeah I will probably buy superblocks/plots from other towns for a little plaza area for the trust… But I will need to split the cost of buying the land and building between the members. Also I will open up a free plaza for us in Atlanta which will be the start of a mall.

Mall Established in Liam’s Town. I have used way to many materials so we will have to work out payment…

But we are open so go ahead and build a shop there if you are in the TRUST

The newer members of The Trust need facilities inside the Trust Base.
The other day Moochfloatjr requested a percentage of our incomes due to inability to support his business. He may withdraw from The Trust.
Also, feel free to post here company news and updates. For example, VS-Co. is still hiring workers. (Currently employing Kedji and Dragon_Slayer24)
I’m also uncomfortable with market prices on certain resources (Wheat to Bread ratio).

Im considering starting a business soon. would there be a possibility of me joining the Trust?

What sort of business?

Well, i have some farms on my island, such as melons, eggs, cooked chickens, snow, wheat, and more. itll be a general shop basically

My idea for a store is the “Heaven, Hell, and Beyond” it would be buying and selling Enderstone, netherrack, and possibly glowstone" also possibly (but at a very high price) buckets of lava. seeing as it is very abundant.

EDIT:as a more expensive think I would also sell nether bricks, stairs, and fances, along with possible golden ingots if they’re not already sold.

I approve Eagle but would note that the Abundance of a substance would mean its price would be lower.I I also approve Italian’s company as well (below)

Alright, I’m gonna set up a store that sells wool in all the color varieties. The name will be Fruit of the loom

(Thanks to vel and eagles after going through hell thinking of a name)

Any ideas on what the price for the wool should be?

Branches of Publix INCLUDE and are NOT limited to:

Marriott Hotel: Currently being built in SwampHead. (WILL HAVE A MANAGER, A RECEPTIONIST, AND ROOM SERVICE)

Publix Grocery Store: Will sell bread, melons, seeds, milk, water, potions (most likely supplied by mooch’s brewery), steaks, beefs, and cake. Workers will be paid minimum wage (ATLANTA PLANNED MINIMUM WAGE WILL BE $30 AN HOUR! WORKERS ARE NOT LIMITED TO ONE JOB IN NO WAY! I ENCOURAGE YOU TO HAVE MULTIPLE PART TIME JOBS!)

Atlanta Home Improvement Depot: The equivalent to home depot, will sell all sorts of tools, ores, and will have skilled staff to handle anyone with home improvement needs outside the store. EACH ATLANTA HOME IMPROVEMENT DEPOT WILL BE MANAGED BY A MANAGER, THE FOUNDER OF PUBLIX (ME) WILL PAY THE MANAGER A LARGE SUM OF MONEY THAT HE DEEMS FAIR TO DISTRIBUTE AMONG WORKERS!

Publix Receptions and Conference Centre’s: Luxury top of the line convention and wedding reception centers that will most likely be only located in GROWING/BIG CITIES (Atlanta, BigCity, BoomTown, SwampHead).


Publix Production Plants: To Be Located In: SwampHead, Atlanta, and BoomTown!