The Trainee Ranking System

Because no Trainee wants to be demoted, I have devised a trainee ranking system. Think this is a good idea because trainees would then know that the are definitely fulfilling their duties.

Title - TraineeOp+
TempRank - TraineeOp+

How it works:
A trainee sees the review que. They teleport to the user that needs a rank. If they think it’s good enough, they give them a temp rank and a title “Temp”

Other info:
1 Trainee for Initiate
2 Trainees or an OP and a Trainee (unless the op reviews first) for Builder

Trainees can only rank up to builder

I hope you like it!

~ferfer313; Classic Trainee

Uhm… what?
First off you just became a trainee-op, so you’re in no real field to be making posts like this. Second off, this idea isn’t that good. Temp ranks? Do you know how bullshit this would be? It would either require adding temp ranks for each rank we have. Or me or sip (probably me since im the only programmer that plays classic) to learn how MCforge works, find the API, and build a plugin for it. It’s too time consuming and honestly useless.

First off, anyone can make suggestions. Even guests. Second off, it isn’t that bad of an idea, I see where few is going, but we wan’t to see how players would behave as staff by themselves, rather than instructing what to do, as they could simply stop again once they get full op. We can ask whether they would give the rank or not, not actually bother with the ranking though, just to see their judgement.

Hard, try giving constructive criticism rather than just “lol no shit.” (Not saying the whole post was like that, just the start)

We do have promotion guidelines however, should this not be posted in that thread?

There is already a temprank command, you realize.

Feeder is not a mod though brodur. Maybe he can’t find it cause its for MODS only.

Yes, Shadow is right. I’m only Trainee and Trusted in classic. Im gonna find out how to get full OP soon. Then I might be able to move this whetre ever it is you’re talking about.


PS: @ShadowMeire It’s ferfer not feeder. Were you on an iPhone?

Ewwww. No not iPhone! On my android though.

Hell yea Shadow! You can download my apps. Shameless plug.

its not in a staff section is it?

sip… <3 is all i can say on that flashlight and converter.

Brodur, i stand corrected.

:slight_smile: I reject your reality and substitute my own.

lmfao Brodur. XD

SHH you didnt say that in my reality!

did i?

or is this really my reality taht you believe is your reality…

but in actuallity this is all

_Andy’s reality.

Back on topic?

Although I disagree with how he wrote it, Hard does have a point about temp promotions being very annoying. For both players and staff. Imagine you are new to the server and you earn yourself the builder rank 1st day. (Not at all impossible) Then you come back a couple of days later to find you’re back down to Initiate or even Guest. How pissed off will you be?

I have a different idea that would work with the purpose of fer’s post.

This counts for builder/adv recommendations only.
How about Trainees write down players they think deserve a promotion when there are no OPs+ around. Then they can post their suggestions in the forums and we can check it out.

There should not be that many people getting builder and up, so the list they make should not get too long. As said before, the recommendation would show us their judgement.

Adding more than a list would be better even, but that’s optional.

Ok, that sounds good Kyle :slight_smile: Could you make a new section or something under classic called Trainee Recommendations or something like that? Pit the user as the thread title, put up a screenshot of the build, and say what rank they are going for.