The survival map is Messed up!

So i flew around the survival map for a bit and i kept finding giant chunks of wrong land.
map generation has gone horribly wrong at many spots on the map
Here are some screenshots of locations. you can also check the live map and see the areas that have generated wrongly. at some points the generated chunks also look like player specific generated world chunks (a bit like the current creative map).




These are just a few examples of the many spots on the map that are corrupted.

While people are building new towns in survival. there hasn’t been much activity on the survival map.
I’d suggest a reset before the survival maps gets more used so we don’t lose to many towns and the map can stay longer in the future. Of course this would be really demotivating current builders on the survival map, but in the long run I hope it helps more.

Yeah we should probably hold a reset. All the chunks generated with the new gen are going to stay that way, even if it’s turned off.

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I think it would be a good idea to do a reset now. Some towns in the map have been established with some nifty looking houses, and unfortunately may include corrupted chunks. Also, it would be difficult to ignore these chunks, as some of them seem to be everywhere, and the map wouldn’t look as good as it did when it was first generated.

I’m not sure when a reset can happen, but I think it would be good to have one in a month or two, so that more players don’t build more builds just to know that they won’t last for long.

I had already noticed some parts of the world had those wrong chunks, but I had no idea it was so widespread… I’m not sure if they were always there since the beginning of the new survival or if it was something that happened more recently…

Either way, if you guys think it’s necessary to do a reset now, I’ll totally support it.

Andy is already well aware and did some work on it, it was discovered almost immediately after the creative reset and hasn’t really changed at all, (except the moments When Andy was working on it). It doesn’t really propose a problem that’s drastic enough to jump on the reset wagon just yet.
Also am not very technical Savvy so you would have to find out from Andy exactly what is happening if you wanted to know all the ins and outs of the issue.

In regards to this Would like to mention it is one area of the map, no buildings where harmed. In fact we suspect that this particular area was ungenerated before creative reset. This entire region was almost completely untouched for the majority of it.

has there been an update about this issue yet?

RIP The Cove, I’m up for a reset though with the changes we talked about.

We’ll have an announcement soon about our plans for survival. The chunk corruption is sadly irreversible due to its far reach across the whole map.

came to check from the other thread, please GOD do a reset, still searching for the last time but I’m sure it was at least a year ago.

[size=2px]Edit: Nov 16, 2016, or the 1.10 update

The issue has been addressed already. There’s really not much we can do about it.