The State of Farcoast [Old: Farcoast #2]

[The State of Farcoast]
Updated 28APR2013

The State of Farcoast is a nation-state entity which comprisesthe city of Farcoast itself and a few towns within Farcoastian territory, principally Sandy Paradise and Gravite Point.


[ul][li]You may build a home anywhere within the State of Farcoast (see map for current boundaries) so long as it does not interfere with the private property of others or existing infrastructure.
[Don’t build onto any public/industrial buildings or modify roads without asking][/li]
[li]You must inform me of your residence so I may add you to the Census, located within the Government Office across from the warp point.[/li]
[li]No griefing, harassment, abuse, or otherwise already server-prohibited behavior will be tolerated[/li]
[li]You may build your house any which way you like, but I do ask that you try to build in a relatively nice manner. Farcoast wishes to promote freedom of style, but I will inform you of my displeasure should you build a cobblestone box.[/li]
[li]The main thing is, let me know before you do something so I can keep track of it. I am open to allowing projects to be constructed in my city; i just like to know beforehand rather than logging on and wondering what happened.[/li][/ul]


Additionally, the State of Farcoast is a member nation of the Union. Any regulations pertaining to the Union will also pertain to citizens of the Farcoast.
Map is attached displaying existing size of the Nation of Farcoast.



  1. Metazealot
  2. Ouhai_Ruby
  3. Grapas97
  4. Jess_Cat08
  5. 121wer
  6. Epic_dude2012
  7. Swordmaster_
  8. Andy1075
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  43. Miningmatthew
  44. Lulurox
  45. Mojee1237

List of current construction projects forthcoming.
See Farcoastian Supply Corporation page for more information concerning jobs or existing sales at market.

I’ll go for residency, but I wont be around much. Kinda building my own thing.

Farcoast itself is developing well, and I encourage people to build in the capital city! We have plentiful land upon which to build residential, commercial, and/or industrial facilities. Merely ask for citizenship, or if you are already a citizen, feel free to grab a plot of land (so long as it does not interfere with the roads) and build. Farcoast itself has few building regulations: don’t make it look like crap, and inform the government of what is being built.

The Government has reactivated the FCA (Farcoastian Army) and is actively recruiting. The basic FCA pay can serve to assist new members to getting started in PCB. The FCA also exists to assist civilians if necessary, another benefit to living inside the Empire. All provinces of the Empire are eligible for aid in conflicts, or if province-wide, engineering operations. The Farcoastian Empire is dedicated to creating a safe and prosperous future for its people.

I am officially resigning as Commander of the FCA and as a magistrate.

I am resuming control of the Farcoastian Empire now that I’m back from Christmas Leave. In light of recent events, Chaz_the_Spaz has been appointed the new commander of the Farcoastian Army. All existential members of the FCA are currently on standdown/leave until further notice on the activity of the FCA.

The Farcoastian Army is being reactivated. As of right now, there are three different categories in which a member of the FCA may be in: Inactive, Reserve, or Active Duty. If you have not contacted me yet you are Inactive, and will receive no pay. Please message me on whether you wish to seperate from the Army or remain in the Reserve or even as Active Duty. Active Duty is the category one is in if he or she is actually doing work for the Farcoastian Army. They recieve the full amount of pay. However, if you are not doing anything, you may still receive pay in the reserves. Ask me if you wish to transfer between Reserve and Active Duty, or if you desire to draw pay that you have accumulated over time.

coool! chaz the spaz is now a commander!

Can I join!? I think I can be a leader of sheep!

Robin_Hoodlum, Animangastar101, and Ferrari5746 Have all been appointed Magistrates in the Farcoastian Government, and their respectively owned towns are now under the rule of the Farcoastian Empire.
Robin: Caprica, Neo
Anima: Riverside, Sprucepine

Citizens of these towns will be granted Imperial citizenship, and may enlist in the FCA or request government assitance if they so desire.

As of 3/26/13, I am declaring the Farcoastian Empire for all purposes officially disbanded. All of its organizations (such as the FCA) are similarly dissolved. Any town that may still have pledged allegiance to the empire is now autonomous. The mainland holdings of the Empire itself are now part of the Farcoastian State, a quasi-large but low-population town. Sprucepine not included.

The State of Farcoast will be joining the ICS, adopting its regulations and submitting myself, Metazealot (now Governor of Farcoast) as its representative, shoud the admittance go through.

If you have any qualms concerning negotiations with the previous Farcoastian Empire message me.

I r confuzzled…so farcoast is no more? or is it part of ?ICS?

Well, the town itself still exists, and I own it. The political entity known as the Empire, which had Farcoast as its capital, and had joined with several other towns some time ago is no longer existant. The Farcoastian Army [FCA] and the empire-wide citizenship recognition is shut down. If i post a new census, it will only concern the holdings of the town/state of Farcoast, rather than all of its previous affiliates. I will now just be camping on my little plot of land. However, anyone can still build there if they ask me first.

I would like the new, scaled-down Farcoast to join the new, democratic assembly of nation-states known as the ICS. It actually looks to be functional as a UN body, so far as minecraft government models have gone thus far.

The United Nations is still around, We’ve sat on negotiations between ICS and Amicus Guild and prevented a war.

It’s just that with the amount of people coming and going we can never organize a round table sort of conference. Perhaps when at least 20 players are on at-a-time.

20 people at 1 time also won’t work because it is too crowded.

Teamspeak channel :smiley:

Is it alright if i join the UN? If so can i keep my homes at farcoast and somewhere else i forgot.

Yes you can join the U.N.! Welcome aboard! And you are welcome to keep your homes - in fact you could make them peacekeeper stations if you wanted…/

Ka, i don’t have a clan anymore. so ill be joining your ranks in the UN as soon as i am online again.

Welcome aboard!