the soviet republic of ladinskopter

with the deletion of the old map, the Soviet Republic of Ladinskopter is now having to restart like many others. As of now two villager towns have been annexed. several more are being looked into. As the leader of the S.R.L., I would like to state the non militaristic intent of these annexations. only npc inhabited villages will be annexed. and all towns are free to the public. with that said i welcome any and all PCB members and staff to join me in realizing true communism in a society were we all can work together to a common goal. if anyone wishes to join my struggle to overcome the capitalist regime please leave a comment or send me a mail link. i will consider anyone that is member status and above. however not everyone is compatible and capitalist spy’s will be executed.

Well it seems like an interesting idea, if you need any reasorces just let me know

“to annex”


Seems like a great idea! Although seeing as it is a communist country or town, you probably wont get a warp cause you wont have 5 house owners. Or 5 anything owners. Or 5 volunteers. I think communism is a bit too brutal for PCB.




well the Communism part is more about the people who join working together to gain supplies and build the buildings and walls of the cities i also want all the separate cities having the same flag. people can have there own homes and properties. and they can use the economy.

i simply need builders that i trust to join my nation and help build something great that we can all enjoy. so if anyone is interested let me know!!!

p.s. thanks ducky i was actually trying to find out how to spell that anyway so thank you!

I literally just made a post with more or less the same idea the other day…

then perhaps you would like to form an alliance in order to unite the server?

I will discuss the offer with my colleagues.

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